Water Utility Projects

Water Utility Projects

  1. Indian River Avenue Force Main Replacement
  2. Mourning Dove WTP Improvements
  3. Osprey Nutrient Removal Upgrade

The City of Titusville has performed an analysis and modeling of its sewerage system and is moving forward with an aggressive schedule of pipe replacement and improvements to reduce and/or eliminate potential vulnerabilities to breaks and leaks and their negative environmental impacts.

Indian River LagoonProject
Indian River Avenue Force Main Replacement
Replace existing force main from South Street to the Osprey Water Reclamation Facility on Buffalo Road.
Objective & Issues

Spills, leaks, and/or breaks from the Indian River Avenue sewer force main would have detrimental effects on the Indian River Lagoon.

Age, erosion, extreme weather (hurricanes & storms), maintenance, or human error, could all cause this main to fail, which would cause irreparable harm to this fragile estuary.


Replace existing force main with new force main (9,400 feet of 16-inch PVC piping). New force main to be located on the west side (opposite from lagoon) of rights-of-way.