Kirk Point Park Educational Series

Welcome to the Kirk Point Park Educational Series! Come back each month to learn more about the ways the City of Titusville is helping the Indian River Lagoon, as well as ways you can help too. 

January - Protecting the Indian River Lagoon

Click on the picture below to learn how the City of Titusville is working to improve the health of the Indian River Lagoon. This story map details the various projects we have installed throughout the city including floating wetlands, stormwater ponds, littoral zone plantings, and baffle boxes.

August - Kirk Point Park Renovation

Click on the picture below to learn all about the process of renovating Kirk Point Park, located across the street from El Leoncito. This park was designed with key factors in mind such as shade, seating, and stormwater management.

Kirk Point Park Renovation Opens in new window

September - Floating Wetland Islands

Floating Wetland Islands, also known as Beemats are located in several city-owned ponds to help absorb nutrients before the water can enter the Indian River Lagoon.

These islands are installed at Sand Point Park, Marina Park, Draa Park, Vern Jansen Park (by the North Brevard Senior Center), Coleman Stormwater Pond, and the Osprey Water Reclamation Facility Stormwater Pond.

October - Baffle Boxes

Baffle boxes are located throughout the City of Titusville within the public stormwater system to help improve the quality of stormwater entering the Indian River Lagoon. 

These sites remove sediment, trash, leaves, and debris before the water enters the Indian River Lagoon. Second-generation baffle boxes also include a nutrient-reducing medium that removes a percentage of nitrogen and phosphorous from the water.

November - It's All Connected

Anything you put on your lawn, in the street, or down a storm drain could contribute to the failing health of the Indian River Lagoon.

Citizens should ensure yard waste, trash, debris, and fertilizers do not enter the stormwater system. Ways you can help are by blowing your grass clippings and leaves back into your yard, reducing fertilizer use and not fertilizing before it rains, containerizing your yard waste, washing your car at a car wash or in your lawn, picking up your pet waste, using rain barrels or rain gardens, and reducing pesticide use.

December - Fertilizer Ordinance

The City of Titusville adopted a fertilizer ordinance in 2014 which established fertilizer application standards within city limits.

Watch this video to learn about the fertilizer blackout period, where fertilizer can be applied, and what types of fertilizer you should buy!