October 11, 2023

  1. Minutes

The Titusville Environmental Commission (TEC) of the City of Titusville, Florida met in regular session at City Hall in the Council Chamber located at 555 South Washington Avenue on Wednesday, October 11, 2023 at 5:30pm.




Chairwoman Thompson called the meeting to order at 5:30pm. Present were, Member Tucker, Member Yount, Member Flis and Member Young.  Vice Chairman Myjak, Member Perez and Member Delgado were absent. Staff present was Principle Planner Eddy Galindo, and Recording Secretary Laurie Dargie. 




Member Flis made a motion to approve the August 9, 2023 meeting minutes. Member Tucker seconded. There was a unanimous voice vote in favor.




Petitions & Requests from Public Present


Stan Johnston of Titusville provided comment relating to the sewage spill and the spray from the fountain from the months of December 16, 2020 to April 2021. Mr. Johnston provided a handout of an email that he sent and also a small handout regarding information about himself.


Chairwoman Thompson stated that Mr. Johnston would just like for the fountains in stormwater ponds or park ponds to be turned off if there is a confirmed sewage spill in the ponds.




Member Flis made a motion to ask that the City of Titusville staff inquire with the Florida Department of Environment Protection (FDEP) as to their recommendation in turning off fountains in park or stormwater ponds during a confirmed sewage spill and or sewage being demonstrated in the pond waters. Member Yount seconded.


Roll call was as follows:


Member Young                       Yes

Member Flis                            Yes

Member Yount                       Yes

Member Tucker                       Yes

Chairwoman Thompson          Yes


Motion passed.




Old Business




New Business


Basin Management Action Plan Project Reductions of Total Nitrogen and Total Phosphorus for 2022 Update

Mr. Galindo gave an overview of this item. 


The Titusville Environmental Commission members were very pleased with what the City of Titusville is achieving and also that the city is pursuing seven environmental grants.


Chairwoman Thompson said she is encouraged with what is taking place and what like to continue to work towards pursuing even more because the Indian River Lagoon in Titusville still needs to have great improvement.  Chairwoman Thompson said that the freshwater into the Indian River Lagoon needs to be greatly reduced to promote seagrasses. 


Chairwoman Thompson said she is concerned with the culverts at I-95 in Titusville being blocked and would like to know who is supposed to maintain the culverts so that they are not blocked from proper flow.


Chairwoman Thompson also said she is concerned about the wetlands being drained via the Bloody Mary ditch into the Indian River Lagoon.


Chairwoman Thompson asked to know when the updated Stormwater Master Plan will be completed.


Mr. Galindo said that the City of Titusville can always strive to do more but he encouraged the Titusville Environmental Commission members to be ambassadors for the City of Titusville and let the community know what the City of Titusville is doing and achieving with the multiple projects taking place to promote the health of the environment in our city.


Mr. Galindo informed the Titusville Environmental Commission that the Public Works Department is hiring a consultant to determine other projects that are feasible to achieve. Mr. Galindo said that there are story maps on the City of Titusville’s website that share the projects that are taking place in the City of Titusville. 


Chairwoman Thompson asked if the website link could be shared with the Titusville Environmental Commission members, so that they can also share this information with the community when they speak with them about what is taking place.


Chairwoman Thompson asked if the Low Impact Development (LID) is being implemented in new developments and if the city has determined whether or not that LID will be made mandatory instead of incentivized only. Mr. Galindo said that staff has been very pleased with developers taking advantage of the incentives that are offered by implementing LID in the new developments taking place.  Mr. Galindo said that he hasn’t heard that LID will be made mandatory at this time. 




Petitions and Requests







Mr. Galindo said that Abby Trout will be attending the MRC Low Impact Development Conference on October 19th and 20th 2023 in Rockledge, Florida.


Mr. Galindo said that City Council approved the Titusville Environmental Commission meetings being live broadcast but is unsure of the official start date.  The meeting broadcasts will be alternating between the Board of Adjustment and Appeals and the Titusville Environmental Commission meetings. 


Member Young shared some concerns of the construction that is taking place on Indian River Avenue near his house and installing pipes in the ground. Mr. Galindo said he would provide a contact person from the city for Mr. Young to contact about his concerns.





Discussion of Future Agenda Items


No discussion took place on future agenda items.




Adjournment 6:29p.m.