Mission Statement

To provide professional engineering services to the Public Works Department and other city departments in a cost effective and efficient manner.


The Engineering Division of the Public Works Department is responsible for design and construction management of City capital improvement projects that include road widening and drainage, traffic control systems, sidewalks and bikeway, etc.

The Engineering Division also manages and administers the City’s road repaving program.

Traffic Control

With respect to traffic control, the Engineering Division prepares plans for improvements related to:

  • End of road markers
  • Parking
  • Sign locations
  • Signage
  • Striping

It works closely with the Street Maintenance Division on speed and traffic volume studies. The Engineering Division is also responsible for investigating speed hump and streetlight requests as well as sight obstruction and safety concerns reported by motorists.


The City Surveyor and Survey Aide:

  • Perform boundary and topographic surveys
  • Assist in construction surveying
  • Provide route surveys
  • Prepare legal description for easements on City owned parcels
  • Review plats and provide surveying support services for various other City departments including location of rights-of-way, easement, or physical objects on City owned properties