Local Housing Assistance Program (LHAP)

The creation of the Local Housing Assistance Plan (LHAP) is for the purpose of meeting the housing needs of the very low, low- and moderate-income households, to expand the production of affordable housing, to preserve affordable housing and to further the housing element of the City of Titusville’s local government comprehensive plan specific to affordable housing.

The Plan is intended to increase the availability of affordable residential units by combining local resources and cost-saving measures into a local housing partnership using public and private funds to reduce the cost of housing. SHIP funds are leveraged with or used to supplement other Florida Housing Finance Corporation programs and to provide local match dollars to obtain federal housing grants and to facilitate other federal programs.


The City's LHAP is available in person at the Neighborhood Services Department located at 725 S. DeLeon Avenue, Harry T. Moore Social Service Center.  The LHAP is also available by email upon request to neighborhoodservices@titusville.com