Public Works Engineering is the capital project management arm for Titusville. It is responsible for planning for future improvements to Titusville's water, sewer, and reclaimed water systems and ensuring that improvements meet city specifications and quality standards. Engineering is also responsible for projects related to infrastructure improvements, such as road widening, drainage, traffic control systems, sidewalks, and bikeways.

Engineering updates and maintains maps and records of each utility’s infrastructure, including connection data. It also manages and administers the City’s road repaving program.

Engineering works closely with the Street Maintenance Division on speed and traffic volume studies. It is responsible for investigating speed hump and streetlight requests, as well as sight obstruction and safety concerns reported by motorists.

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  • Inspects city-funded utility improvement projects
  • Reviews plans and works with developers and engineers on new projects for construction
  • Maintains records of maps and records of utility infrastructure such as locations and details of the connections to city utility systems and City utility systems updates