Council / Manager Form of Government

The City of Titusville operates under the Council/Manager form of local government, which is one of four forms of city government in the United States. The present City charter was adopted June 3, 1963. The primary features of the Council/Manager form of government are:

  1. Reservation of legislative authority and responsibility in an elected Council
  2. Centralization of administrative responsibility in a City Manager appointed by the elected City Council. This provides a system, which combines democratic principles with efficiency of administration. The Council is the governing body of the City and the Manager is the Chief Executive Officer in carrying out the policies which Council defines.
  1. Administrative Staff
  2. City Council
  3. City Manager

Appointed by the City Manager to assist in the administration of the City is a staff of professionals with experience and expertise in the various functional areas of municipal operations. An organizational chart is shown to highlight the various administrative departments.