The City of Titusville offers exemptions, per Florida State Statute 205.162, to qualify please provide documentation of the following:

  • Charitable, educational and religious institutions
  • Disabled honorably discharged veterans
  • Individuals 65 or older (See Florida Statute 205.162)
  • Other disabled individuals
  • Unremarried spouses of disabled veterans
  • Widows with minor dependents

Confirming Exemption Qualification

If you believe you qualify for an exemption, please contact the Business Tax Receipt (BTR) office at 321-567-3758 to discuss the specific requirements and the amount of exemption.

Business Tax Receipt

Although you may qualify for an exemption, a Business Tax Receipt is still required to conduct business in the City of Titusville and will be issued either free of charge or at a reduced rate.

Requirements to Apply

The following items may be required when you apply:

  • Home Occupation Affidavit
  • If you own your home we will need a copy of proof of ownership, which can be found at Brevard County Property Appraiser’s Office.
  • Property Owner’s Affidavit
  • If you do not own your home (if you rent or lease) the owner of the home needs to complete the property owner affidavit form which needs to be notarized.
  • If you are naming your business anything other than your given name, you need to apply for a fictitious name or LLC at sunbiz.org before you can apply for your business tax receipt. We need a copy of your fictitious name, incorporated or LLC paperwork from Sunbiz.

Additional Information

For BTR applications, property owner affidavit, and home occupations affidavit please contact Lori Roberts at 321-567-3758 or email Lori Roberts.