To contact a Code Enforcement Specialist and access Prepared Live call (321) 567-3770



The City of Titusville Code Enforcement Department has recently implemented an interactive reporting tool, Prepared Live.


Prepared Live is a system that provides real-time video or photographs of a scene to a Code Enforcement Specialist, allowing them to immediately visualize a situation with real-time access and an immediate GPS location of the incident. When a caller is reporting an in-progress code violation, issue, or concern they can opt to get an immediate text on the cell phone they are calling from with a provided link. If the caller chooses to click on the link, they can immediately hold up their phones and send live video to the Code Enforcement Specialist.

With enhanced situational awareness, Prepared Live assists our Code Enforcement Department to work more efficiently across the board and focus on what they do best, enforcing municipal land development and property maintenance codes in an effort to eliminate conditions that threaten the life, health, safety, and general welfare of residents.

The system gains vital real-time information directly from mobile devices, which can then be immediately communicated to responding Code Enforcement Officers. This will drastically improve the communication of descriptions and details of an active incident. In addition, any video obtained can then be downloaded to evidence storage instantly. 

However, it is important to note, that once the caller hangs up, all contact with the phone is lost. This was an important step for the developers of this software for privacy purposes. Once the caller hangs up, Code Enforcement has no contact whatsoever with the caller. Prepared Live is a focused effort by the City of Titusville Code Enforcement Department to provide the highest level of service to citizens.