Water Conservation

Conservation is key to increasing the sustainability of water supplies.

yellow and red flowers

yellow and red flowers

In 2020, each of the 4,777,164 persons in the St. Johns River Water Management District used an estimated
115 gallons of water per day.*


The Water Conservation Program is dedicated to educating Titusville water consumers on how to save water, how to protect our water resources, and how to use water efficiently. As the fixtures in our homes and businesses become more efficient, the biggest challenge in conservation is how to reduce and improve the efficiency of our outside water use.

Titusville's Water Conservation places particular emphasis on outside conservation. Outreach initiatives focus on alternatives to turf and high water-use plants and promote the use of native plants and Florida-Friendly landscaping principles. Property owners that follow the primary principle of right plant, right place (matching the needs of the plant to the attributes of the site) will find the other principles naturally follow because of the reduced need for water, fertilizer, and pesticides.

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By encouraging our residents to use Florida-Friendly landscaping techniques and to incorporate native plants in their home landscapes, they can create yards and landscapes that are attractive, while still being low-maintenance, water-conserving, and environmentally beneficial.

Conserving water outside is a goal every homeowner and business owner should be seeking to attain as our population increases, native habitats decrease, and water sources become limited and compromised.


Educating consumers on how to conserve water is the primary goal of the Water Conservation Program. The Water Conservation Program includes both potable (drinking) water and reclaimed water in its conservation message and covers both indoor and outdoor water conservation. 

The Conservation Office promotes water conservation through educational and outreach initiatives including ads, articles, billing inserts, videos, public speaking engagements, and events. It creates and distributes educational materials on a wide range of conservation topics, with particular emphasis on outside conservation.

Through the services and programs it provides, the Conservation Office strives to increase awareness about the importance of water conservation and provide tools to help consumers use water efficiently.


Participating in local events throughout the year is an important part of our outreach efforts. Both children and adults are to sure to find out something new about water whenever they stop at the Conservation booth. 

The City of Titusville’s Water Conservation Program constantly seeks new ways to reach its consumer audience. It wants to help you, your neighborhood, your club, your scout troop, and your classroom learn more about Titusville’s water system and the many ways we can all save our precious water resources. Saving water is easy and learning about conservation can be fun. Email the Conservation Office if you would would like to schedule a presentation.

*2020 Report of Annual Water Use for St. Johns River Water Management District 

Get to Know Water Conservation


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Water Conservation tools

to help you reduce your water usage :

  • Informational brochures
  • Hose nozzles
  • Rain gauges 
  • Shower timers
  • Showerheads
  • Toilet dye tablets

PRESENTATIONSfrog stress reliever imprinted with saving water is toadly awesome

Speaker services for . . .

  • civic groups
  • clubs
  • homeowner associations
  • classes of all ages

If you need a presentation or are
holding an event, call us

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Learn about:

Florida-Friendly landscaping

The hydrologic cycle

Reclaimed water

Indoor fixtures


Water habits

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Conservation reaches out

to Titusville’s water consumers via

  • Theatre ads
  • Billboards
  • Information packages
  • Newspaper & magazine ads
  • Press releases
  • Radio spots
  • Utility bill inserts
  • Videos
  • Web pages
  • Events/Exhibits