Public Works

public works title with city seal over the "o"

Titusville is your city, your community, your home. You want it to be the best. A place for you and your family to put down roots and grow. A community that you are proud to call home.

You depend on us to provide efficient and reliable city services. To meet that need, we have made a big change in our city organization. We have combined two of our most integral community service departments, Water Resources and Public Works, into one unit: The NEW Public Works Department.

The NEW Public Works Department will provide all of the municipal day-to-day services you expect and enjoy. Your water service, street repair, sewer service, traffic light maintenance, garbage service, and stormwater service will be coming from one department — One department focused on providing you and your family with efficient service, ease of contact, and improved response. 


                             ****Have A Question? We Have Answers!****

Who do I call about traffic signal problems?

Call the Titusville Police Department at (321) 264-7800.

For general questions and non-emergencies, click or call (321) 567-3846

When do my garbage cans have to go out so they get picked up?

Click or call (321) 383-5755

Does the property I want to buy have any water liens?

You want to click | Titusville, FL or call (321) 567-3712


Is Reuse Water Available In My Neighborhood?

Click or call (321) 567-3859

Where can I find out about new development connection costs & impact fees?

Click or call (321) 567-3859 

I have a question about my water bill. Who do I call?

Oops. That’s not Public Works, click or call (321) 383-5791.

The water pressure at my house seems kinda low. Who can help me?

Click or call (321) 567-3883.

Why aren’t my sprinklers coming on? I have reclaimed water.

Click Public Works Utilities, Reclamation or call (321) 567-3891

I just got a new refrigerator. Can you guys pick up my old one?

Click Public Works Operations, Solid Waste or call (321) 383-5755

Who do I call if my drinking water smells funny?

Click Public Works Utilities, Water Production or call (321) 567-3855

Ack! My water heater is leaking, who do I call to turn my water off?

Get help quick! Click Customer Service or call (321) 383-5791

Who cleans the ditch behind my house?

Click Public Works Operations, Stormwater for help or call (321) 567-3832

When am I allowed to water my lawn?

Click or call (321) 567-3865