Titusville Community Service Award Committee


  • As Called by the Chairman


Length of Term: One year

The Committee consists of five distinguished citizens who are appointed, annually, by the following:

  1. The Chairperson is appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by City Council.
  2. The Clergy Representative is appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by City Council.
  3. One member is appointed by the Brevard County School Board District 1 Representative
  4. One member is appointed by the Titusville Area Chamber of Commerce President.
  5. One member is appointed by the Brevard County Board of County Commissioners District 1 Commissioner.

The nominating process takes place in early spring and Committee members then review the nominations. They have the difficult task of selecting the award recipient from among the many members of our community who donate their time and their talents in commitment to a service or cause they believe in.

2023 Committee Members

  • Thomas Al Taylor, Chairperson
  • Barry Russell, Clergy Representative
  • Dan Woerheide
  • Matthew Mclaughlin
  • Jessie Kirk


The City of Titusville established the Titusville Community Service Award in 1987 in honor of Reverend Harry R. Lee to recognize his outstanding, long-term contributions to our community. Reverend Lee had served the community as City Chaplain, Employee Assistance Advisor, Chaplain of Sertoma, and Chaplain of the Titusville Area Chamber of Commerce. By his spirit, words, and actions, he personified the concept of and set the example for, unity and service within our community.

Annually, the Titusville Community Service Award Committee seeks nominations from community members, local clubs and organizations. They solicit names of individuals who carry on the example set by Reverend Lee through their contributions of service, which help to make Titusville a better place in which to live.

Community Service Award Recipients

  • 1987: Michael F. Cunningham
  • 1988: Ira Thetford
  • 1989: Evelyn O. Bell
  • 1990: William Hoffart
  • 1991: Mildred Geblicht
  • 1992: Rodney Thompson
  • 1993: Betty Wheeler
  • 1994: Sam and Ann DeCarlo
  • 1995: Emily Sasko
  • 1996: Richard "Dick" Knopf
  • 1997: George Mondy
  • 1998: Robert Hudson
  • 1999: Roz Foster
  • 2000: William E Rushing
  • 2001: Herman E Wattwood, Jr.
  • 2002: Carole Clarke
  • 2003: Laurilee Thompson and Ron Thorstad
  • 2004: Tom Patton
  • 2005: Kenneth Adam Estes
  • 2006: Francis J. Reilly
  • 2007: Charles Mars and Rachel Terry
  • 2008: Patricia Mackey and Donald P. Smith
  • 2009: Jacob Dean
  • 2010: Cathy Denman
  • 2011: Edmund Kindle
  • 2012: Lorene Shafer
  • 2013: Misty Haggard-Belford
  • 2014: Terry L. Tesdall
  • 2015: Lorna Kesner
  • 2016: Sherryl Worst
  • 2017: Carole Shalala
  • 2018: Richie Lord
  • 2019: Barry Russell
  • 2020: Joe Robinson
  • 2021: Edelmira Carrasco
  • 2022: Tracy and Curtis Wright

Staff Liaison

The serves as staff liaison to the committee. The liaison may be reached at 321-567-3679.