c. Guiding Principles of the Urban Design Manual

Titusville Architecture (3)
  1. Reinforce distinctive cultural assets of Titusville’s built environment in future developments.
  2. Preserve and enhance Titusville’s historic context and sense of place.
  3. Create connections through:
    1. Pedestrian Oriented Design
    2. Compatible Infill Development
    3. Seamless Transitions Between Districts
  4. Titusville’s continued growth is dependent on a safe, healthy, comfortable environment for residents, business owners, and visitors expressed via:
    1. Increased Mixed-use Development Density
    2. Sidewalks
    3. Signage
    4. Lighting
    5. Landscaping
    6. Aesthetically Pleasing Design
  5. Promote quality building.
  6. Create an economically vibrant Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA).
  7. Achieve environmental balance between the built and natural environments.
  8. Nourish vibrant cultural activity downtown through the built environment.