Focus & Responsibilities

The City Clerk’s Office is the information source for the citizens of Titusville and the employees of our municipal organization. The role of the City Clerk’s Office in the City of Titusville has grown dramatically over the past years. Not only are we charged with the more traditional roles of administering and preserving the legislative process, but we have moved into the emerging role of the City Clerk as a manager of public information charged with the responsibility of preserving the public record that is entrusted to us.

Duties & Services

We accomplish our mission by:

  • Administering the legislative process
    The City Clerk’s Office is responsible for:
    • Attestation of official documents
    • City Council agendas and minutes
    • Codification of ordinances
    • The conduct of municipal elections
    • Legal advertising
    • Overseeing appointments to the City’s various boards and commissions
  • Providing information in order to facilitate public participation in governmental processes
    The office is involved in the dissemination of information both before and after decisions are made. We inform the community about city business not only through prescribed legal advertising but increasingly through:
    • The "information highway" (i.e. Internet, website, social media)
    • Cable television 
    • Community bulletin boards
    • Display/informational ads
    • Informational videos
    • Press releases
    • Notices for proposed land use and zoning changes
  • Providing records management services
    The City Clerk is recognized by the State of Florida as the official records custodian for the City of Titusville. The City Clerk’s Office provides records management services for all City departments (exclusive of law enforcement) by storing:
    • Storing inactive records
    • Maintaining an inventory of those records
    • Imaging records to reduce paper
    • Responding to records requests
    • Provide assistance for the research of records for employees and citizens
    • Destroying records that have met State retention schedules
  • Staffing a service and information desk
    The receptionist in the lobby of City Hall receives incoming telephone calls to the organization and connects those calls to the appropriate departments, responds to public requests for general information (including services offered by other government agencies), and directs visitors to the proper offices. The receptionist also acts as a central receiving point for the receipt and distribution of facsimiles.
  • Providing mail services
    The City Clerk’s Office provides mail services for all City departments, including the pick up of mail from the Post Office and delivery of same, pick up and delivery of intradepartmental mail, processing of outgoing mail (including some utility bills and bulk mailings), and delivery to the Post Office. The role of the City Clerk’s Office is expanding and changing as we reach out to accept responsibility for non-traditional tasks and work smarter in the midst of economic uncertainties and a changing government environment.
  • Providing liaison support
    In addition, the City Clerk’s Office provides liaison and recording secretarial support to the Student Advisory Council and the Titusville Community Service Award Committee.