Reclaimed Water Service Rates & Fees

Reclaimed Water SignClassifications

Reclaimed water users are divided into 5 different classifications:

  • Class A.  Detached single-family residential units
  • Class AM. Multi-family residential facilities
  • Class B. Office, commercial, industrial and warehousing facilities
  • Class C. Public areas, parks, and rights-of-way
  • Class CM. Community irrigation systems whereby the reclaimed connections serve more than one property

Monthly Maintenance & Replacement Fee

Classes A, AM, B, and CM pay a monthly maintenance and replacement fee of $8 per ERC. The number of ERCs is based on the service/meter size.

Service / Meter SizeERC
1 1/2-Inch5

Stand-by or User Charge 

Users connected to Titusville’s sanitary sewer system, do not pay a standby charge or user charge. All users, except class C, who are not connected to Titusville’s sanitary sewer system, pay a monthly Stand-by or User Charge of $9 in addition to the maintenance fee for a total of $17 per month.

  1. Customer Service / Utility Billing

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