Reclaimed Water Service

Did You Know?

Reclaimed water is not grey water.

Grey water is untreated wastewater from sinks, showers, and tubs.

Reclaimed water is not grey water.

Reclaimed water is treated sewage.

No reclaimed water? Is it your watering time?

Check the restrictions

No reclaimed water? Is it your watering day?

Check the restrictions

Reclaimed water falls under the same irrigation restrictions as well water.

What Is Reclaimed Water?

Reclaimed water is treated sewage effluent, which means at one time it was sewage that was received at one of Titusville’s two reclaimed water treatment plants, the Blue Heron or the Osprey. At the treatment plants, sewage is treated to near drinking water quality and then sent out through a separate distribution system to be reused for irrigation.

Service Interruptions

Reclaimed water is considered an accessory service: It is not necessary for basic health and safety. Interruptions to service can occur. If our supply becomes limited or if the quality of the reclaimed water does not meet standards, then service is discontinued until an adequate supply is available or until it meets standards. Reclaimed water use is limited to irrigation and commercial cooling towers. Interruptions to service, although inconvenient, are not life-threatening.

Whenever there is any kind of service interruption, we strive to restore service as quickly as possible; however, our primary goal is to restore the quality of our reclaimed water so it meets standards. We appreciate the cooperation and understanding of our customers during these interruptions.


Reclaimed water is regulated through the Florida Department of Environmental Protection. It must meet specific standards before it can be distributed to our customers. If something as simple as the cloudiness of the water, known as turbidity, exceeds the standard, then it cannot be distributed.

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