VIII. Street Furniture

Street & Site Furniture

Street furniture is an important tool for creating a pedestrian environment on the street. Uniform street furniture adds to a coherent, continuous, identifiable streetscape. It also adds amenities to the environment by providing places to sit and rest receptacles for trash and recyclables, and a secure place to lock bicycles.


  • Street furniture should be of high-quality durable construction.
  • Street furniture should not encroach on the clear pedestrian zone.
  • Street furniture should be provided to match city standards from the following series of furniture:
    • Keystone Ridge Pullman Series, Hunter Green
    • Victor Stanley, Production Series, Green
    • Landscape forms, Village Green Series, Ivy
  • Staff can provide detailed specification information for street furniture.
Pale Yellow and Dark Red Building
Receptacle in an Open Area
Julia Court Walkway