Bicyclists & Boaters Business-Friendly Program

The Titusville Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) has created a new voluntary program to partner with businesses in downtown Titusville in attracting bicycle and boating (including kayakers) tourists to the downtown. As seen in other communities around the nation, bicyclists and boaters can bring business to the City. By helping to publicize that businesses in the downtown are bicyclist and boater friendly we hope to get the word out that Downtown Titusville is "the" place for visitors to experience our trails and waterways with our welcoming atmosphere.

Downtown businesses that participate in the program will be provided with downtown trail maps, a small window decal, and will have their businesses listed as a "Bicyclist and Boater Friendly Business" on this page and on the Downtown Business Directory signs and maps.

Bicyclists & Boaters Bring Business

The City of Titusville is strategically located at the convergence of three major trails, the Coast to Coast Trail; the St. Johns to Sea Loop Trail; and the East Coast Greenway Trail. The City is also situated on the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway, on which many people come to kayak and on which the City has a full service marina with transient dockage. The trails and waterway bring potential customers into Titusville, many of which come from some distance. The dollars they bring can be significant.

In order to capitalize on the bicycle and boat tourists visiting downtown Titusville, local downtown businesses can take steps to attract these visitors by being bicyclist and boater friendly. To assist downtown Titusville businesses in this endeavor, the City of Titusville Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) has created a "Bicyclists and Boaters Business Friendly Program".

How to Become a Bicyclist & Boater Friendly Designated Business

Downtown businesses that agree to meet or provide at least eight of the following criteria can be a designated Bicyclists and Boater Friendly Designated Business:

Bike Boat Friendly Business

  • Display or have maps of the Titusville area available
  • Know answers to likely visiting bicyclist-boater questions, such as:
    • Where are grocery stores, restaurants, snack bars, etc. located?
    • Where is an ATM?
    • Where is the nearest bike shop?
    • Where is the nearest hardware store?
    • Where is the nearest hospital or nearest walk-in medical clinic?
    • Where is Wi-Fi available?
  • Be a Downtown Ambassador - keep an eye out for people who seem unsure of where to go.
  • Have bike racks or an area to secure bicycles at your place of business.
  • Have key equipment like locks, air pump, and basic repair tools available for use.
  • Have small Titusville mementos for sale.
  • Offer temporary storage space for helmets, back packs, and purchases.
  • Provide handout promo material and coupons to the Titusville Marina.
  • Provide space to recharge cell phones.
  • Publicize that cyclists and boaters are welcome.
  • Sell postage stamps and accept outgoing mail.

Advantages to Being a Designated Bicyclist & Boater Friendly Business

By becoming a Bicyclist and Boater Friendly Business and participating in the program, downtown Titusville businesses will receive the following promotion and highlights by the Titusville CRA:

  • Designation on the two Downtown Business Directory Signs. One located on the converged Coast to Coast/St. Johns to Sea Loop/East Coast Greenway trail.
  • Business Directory maps with Bicyclist-Boater Friendly businesses noted on the map which will be distributed at the Downtown Welcome Center and at the Titusville Marina.
  • Listed on the City’s Economic Development and Community Redevelopment web pages.
  • Provided with a window decal designating the business is an official "Titusville Bicyclist-Boater Friendly Business".
  • Supplied with Downtown Maps for distribution.
  • Promotional handouts will be distributed in welcome bags to boaters at the Titusville Marina.

Participating Businesses & Organizations

  • About An Inch Hair and Nails
  • American Space Museum
  • Cliff Shuler Auctioneers and Liquidators, Inc. / Shuler and Shuler Real Estate Auctioneers
  • Coast to Coast Bicycle Company
  • Crescent Coffee Company
  • Hot Point Boutique
  • Kayak, Surfboard, and Stand Up Paddleboard Sales and Rentals
  • MacSweets
  • North Brevard Historical Museum
  • Pam Myers Realty
  • Playalinda Brewing Company
  • Sunrise Bread Company
  • The Downtown Art Gallery
  • The Grand Martini
  • Titusville Marina

More Information

For more information on the Bicyclists and Boater Friendly Business Program, contact Tim Ford at 321-567-3860 or email Timothy Ford.